DuraSkin Indoor Backboard Padding



Are you old enough to remember when no one could jump high enough to contact the bottom of the backboard? Do you remember the old glue-on gray foam padding that constantly needed repair or reattachment with duct tape or replacement? If so, you also may remember that Bison revolutionized backboard safety padding in 1990 when it first introduced durable, bolt-on DuraSkin padding, now available in industry leading 17 colors.

DuraSkin mounts to all 72″ wide glass backboards regardless of manufacturer with eight 14″ bolts and its thick skin, durable inner foam and molded in steel allow Bison to offer an industry leading ten-year unlimited warranty.

While other manufacturers have tried to copy DuraSkin, it remains the standard in the industry with over 150,000 sets sold since its 1990 introduction.


Video available:  DuraSkin Backboard Padding Installation

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs

Black, Kelly Green, Scarlet, Royal, Orange, Forest Green, Columbia Blue, Maroon, Gold, Gray, Purple, Navy, Vegas Gold, Cardinal, Brown, Burnt Orange, Pink