Athletic Products

  • Field Hockey

    Field Hockey (4)

    FIELD HOCKEY Field hockey goals from Sideline Sports are aluminum with weatherproof kick boards and include the popular QwikTrack net attachment system. Wheel kits and replacement hockey nets are also available. Give us a call at (616) 846-8972 or simply request a quote online. We offer a wide range of team goals to meet the needs of college, high school,…
  • Football

    Football (9)

    FOOTBALL You may be surprised to learn that Sideline Sports has  some tricks up their sleeves for football goalposts. You can play high school and college football with our adjustable-width goalposts. Multi-purpose fields should consider the groundbreaking PerfectGoal ground sleeves that allow you to remove football goalposts, but also allows you to adjust the crossbar height post-installation. Give us a…
  • Futsal

    Futsal (5)

    FUTSAL Want to play soccer on a basketball court? Order official futsal goals from Sideline Sports! Complete packages include everything but the ball and the players! Safety padding and replacement futsal nets are also available. Injuries including concussions, broken bones, cuts and damaged teeth caused by player contact with goals are common. Over 80% of all portable goal tip over…
  • Indoor Basketball

    Indoor Basketball (105)

    INDOOR BASKETBALL Initially known in the industry as "The Bleacher People," Sideline Sports now offers virtually every indoor basketball related item to completely outfit your gymnasium or sports field. Questions? Please call our friendly Pros at (616) 846-8972.
  • Indoor Volleyball

    Indoor Volleyball (56)

    INDOOR VOLLEYBALL All volleyball facilities and programs are not created equal so it’s not surprising that the selection of indoor volleyball systems is not a one-style-fits-all proposition. Sideline Sports offers the widest range of carbon fiber, aluminum and steel, and portable designs available in the industry. When it’s time to purchase your next volleyball standards, don’t make your selection on…
  • Lacrosse

    Lacrosse (4)

    Lacrosse’s popularity continues to grow! Official lacrosse goals from Sideline Sports meet all NCAA and National High School Federation rules. They are available in aluminum or steel construction. Replacement 6mm lacrosse nets are also available. Give Sideline Sports a call at (616) 846-8972 for assistance or simply request a quote online. Sideline Sports offers a wide range of team goals…
  • Letting & Logos

    Letting & Logos (10)

    LETTERING & LOGOS Every sports team deserves recognition for the hard work they do. Show them you care with lettering, logos, and full-color graphic upgrades. A perfect addition to any new equipment you order. Replace your safety padding for volleyball, outdoor basketball, and football with full-color graphic designs. Customization of your sports equipment is the perfect solution for donor or…
  • Other Net Games

    Other Net Games (39)

    OTHER NET GAMES We don't just care about Volleyball and Basketball. We love all net games! Sideline Sports offers systems, goals, nets, and accessories for a variety of net games. Like Badminton, Pickleball, Tetherball, and more. We even have multi-sport portable bases that allow combination play. Give Sideline a call at (616) 846-8972 or simply request a quote online.
  • Outdoor / Sand Volleyball

    Outdoor / Sand Volleyball (16)

    OUTDOOR / SAND VOLLEYBALL Looking for weatherproof outdoor / sand volleyball set ups? Sideline Sports has recreational and competition outdoor systems for playing under the sun. When it’s time to purchase your next volleyball standards, don’t make your selection on brand name recognition alone. You may overlook the best system for your site. Consider specific design features within your budget…
  • Outdoor Basketball

    Outdoor Basketball (74)

    OUTDOOR BASKETBALL Sideline Sports has a variety of outdoor basketball systems to fit your facilities needs. Choose from gooseneck or adjustable playground systems, and permanent or portable systems. We also carry components, padding, and accessories to keep both your equipment and players safe. Request a quote online or call a Sideline Sports pro at (616) 846-8972.
  • Score Tables

    Score Tables (3)

    SCORE TABLES Sport Pride score tables from Sideline Sports are packed with the features you’ve been asking for! The 16″ deep tables have a built-in power strip and cup holders. The support legs fold for transport, creating a narrow 19″ footprint requiring minimal storage space. Available in fully padded or illuminated versions, you can configure any combination of 8′ and…
  • Soccer

    Soccer (27)

    SOCCER Your soccer program is not just like everyone else’s. Your level of play, playing surface, goal removal requirements, and budget all define your needs. Many programs that use brand name alone as their selection criterion often miss out on features that better fit their requirements. Sideline Sports offers a wide range of soccer goals to meet the needs of…
  • Team Handball

    Team Handball (4)

  • Volleyball Accessories

    Volleyball Accessories (53)

    VOLLEYBALL ACCESSORIES Volleyball accessories from Sideline Sports are easy to find and easy to order. We carry practice or replacement volleyball nets, floor sockets and anchors, official’s stands, transport and storage carts, training aids, and replacement parts. Request a quote online or call a Sideline Sports pro at (616) 846-8972.