Bleacher Maintenance & Repair

OSHA 30 Certified for General Industry


Ensure the structural integrity of your bleachers by having regular maintenance performed.

Our team will:

Secure all loose and disconnected wall and floor anchor attachments.

Replace missing and secure bolts and nuts throughout.

Perform general lubrication.

Clean all motorized friction drive roller wheels to maintain required traction.

Check and secure all rail components and attachment hardware.

Secure loose aisle filler brackets as needed.

Check and secure, as needed all section splices and connectors.

Adjust all row-locking devices to insure proper operation of your bleacher system.


Whether it’s broken bleacher boards, cracked plastic modules, or any moving parts within your understructure, our technicians can repair the damaged bleacher component. Our expertise allows you to safely extend the life of your bleachers and keep them functioning and looking as you want them to.

We also offer custom fabrication of hard-to-find bleacher replacement parts!

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