We don’t just care about Volleyball and Basketball. We love all net games!

Sideline Sports offers systems, goals, nets, and accessories for a variety of net games. Like Badminton, Pickleball, Tetherball, and more. We even have multi-sport portable bases that allow combination play.

Give Sideline a call at (616) 846-8972 or simply request a quote online.

  • Badminton

    Badminton (8)

    BADMINTON Competition level and portable badminton systems, 1-11/16″ square floor sockets, and replacement nets are available from Sideline Sports. Order post adapters to use badminton posts in existing volleyball sockets or create side-by-side courts with court adders. Questions? Call the Sideline Sports pros at (616) 846-8972
  • Multi-Game

    Multi-Game (6)

    MULTI-GAME A physical education teacher’s best friend! Multi-game portable bases that allow youth to play a combination of volleyball, badminton, pickleball, tennis, tetherball, paddle tennis, or basketball hoop games. Accessories are available for each system depending on the facility’s needs. Request a quote online or call one of the Sideline Sports Pros at (616) 846-8972.
  • Pickleball

    Pickleball (12)

    PICKLEBALL The best way to re-purpose an aging tennis court is to create a pickleball court. A great game for players (singles and doubles) of all ages and skills! Pickleball is the fastest growing net game in sports and combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. The sport is played with paddles and a plastic ball indoors or outdoors…
  • Tennis

    Tennis (8)

    TENNIS Did you know that 17.9 million people play tennis in the U.S. and the number continues to grow? While the modern version was first played in England and has grown to worldwide popularity, a U.S. manufacturer can provide premium tennis standards for all levels of play. Sideline Sports offers competition, recreational, and portable systems. Each can be installed on…
  • Tetherball

    Tetherball (7)

    THETHERBALL Did you know a game of tetherball is over when one player wraps the ball all the way around the pole to the point that there is no more rope to wrap? Usually the first player to win seven games by a margin of two wins the match. Portable tetherball sets can be used indoors or outdoors while the…