Firewall™ Solid Color Hidden Mount Wall Padding 2′ x 6′ Panel


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Provide player protection around the entire gym or just under the basket with fire rated wall padding. Sideline Sports’ solid color wood-backed wall padding with Class A fire rating is available in new easy-to-order and easy-to-install 2′ x 6′ panels. Simply request a quote for the number of fire rated wall padding panels you need and choose a vinyl color (or two)! Sideline Sports’ aluminum Z-Track hidden mounting system allows the padding to be removed from the wall and replaced as needed. Recommended hardware for your wall not included.


  • Solid color Firewall wall padding is constructed of Neoprene foam with Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) of 35+/- 10 pounds ASTM D3574 Test B1 and a density of 6.2 pounds per cubic foot per ASTM D3574 Test A
  • Firewall Neoprene foam passes California Fire Code TIB 117:2013
  • 16 ounce leather grain vinyl has a tear strength of 75 x 753 pounds per inch and has been treated with anti-mildew and UV protection
  • Conforms to NFPA-701, CSFM and has a Class A fire rating under ASTM E-84
  • Wood backed padding is mounted on 7/16″ OSB composite board with the foam attached to the OSB with water based adhesive
  • Assembled padding has been tested and passes the NFPA 286 fire test for wall coverings
  • Firewall gym padding is available in 13 vinyl colors (vinyl samples available upon request):
    • Athletic Gold
    • Orange
    • Scarlet
    • Maroon
    • Kelly Green
    • Forest Green
    • Columbia Blue
    • Royal Blue
    • Dark Royal
    • Navy Blue
    • Purple
    • Gray
    • Black

Video available:  Wall Padding Options & Installation

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