All volleyball facilities and programs are not created equal so it’s not surprising that the selection of indoor volleyball systems is not a one-style-fits-all proposition. Sideline Sports offers the widest range of carbon fiber, aluminum and steel, and portable designs available in the industry.

When it’s time to purchase your next volleyball standards, don’t make your selection on brand name recognition alone. You may overlook the best system for your site. Consider specific design features within your budget and facility constraints. You’ll be sure to have a system you will be satisfied with for many years. Visit our Resources page to watch the setup video. See how fast, easy, and precise our volleyball system setup can be!

A full line of sockets, storage, transport, padding and accessories is also available to complement your new volleyball system.

Looking for outdoor or sand volleyball? Sideline Sports offers recreational and competition level systems for the sunny version of this sport, too!

The Pros at Sideline Sports are standing by, ready to help you find the perfect fit for your facility. Call us at (616) 846-8972

  • Carbon Composite Posts

    Carbon Composite Posts (15)

    CARBON COMPOSITE POSTS In late 2005, the first carbon composite posts were introduced to the volleyball world. They offered increased rigidity and reduced weight compared to steel and aluminum systems. In the competition market, composite posts are dominating sales today. Sideline Sports offers several carbon fiber pole designs available with features such as lifetime warranty winches, internal net height adjustment,…
  • Portable Divider Nets

    Portable Divider Nets (3)

    PORTABLE DIVIDER NETS Consider portable divider nets when multiple sports or activities need to share the gym. You can increase safety without investing in expensive ceiling-mounted divider curtains. These portable bases and posts can also be used for P.E. net games such as volleyball, badminton, and tennis. The Pros at Sideline Sports are standing by, ready to help you find…
  • Portable Systems

    Portable Systems (17)

    PORTABLE SYSTEMS Once you’ve ruled out drilling holes in your gym floor, selecting portable  systems for your volleyball court isn’t a simple task. Sideline Sports offers two truly freestanding volleyball portables. We also provide options for converting your existing volleyball standards to portables. Order court adders to create side-by-side courts. Don’t forget base and post padding in your choice of…
  • Steel & Aluminum Posts

    Steel & Aluminum Posts (21)

    STEEL & ALUMINUM POSTS Modern steel and aluminum volleyball posts have come a long way since the original designs that weighed as much as 60# per pole. But were an improvement over systems that used cables, loose ballast, or threaded floor attachments! In the mid-1980s, lightweight aluminum systems were introduced to the market, but the early aluminum systems lacked the…